Abdominal Cancer Symptoms

Types of Abdominal Cancer Symptoms

    • Vomit

Some of the patient will vomit after meal. Vomiting blood is a serious situation, it might be an advantage cancer symptoms.

    • Pain

Some of the patient will experience pain in the early stage of cancer.  Stomach pain, lower back pain is types of abdominal cancer symptoms.

    • Bloating

Abdominal bloating is one of the common symptoms. Cancer patients feel full quickly. They eat a little but feel very full. Bloating will occur more than a weeks.

    • Weight loss

Weight loss without any reason. If your weights lose in a short period and more than 10 pounds, you should seek for a doctor to run a test. Most of the cancer patients have a weight loss problem.

    • Fatigue

Fatigue normally will occur in the early stage of cancer. Patient will feel low energy and loss motivation.

    • No appetite

Feel no appetite for whole day or more than a day. No appetite is not a confirm of getting a cancer.

    • Fever

When the cancer starts spreading, patients will have a fever. It is very common for cancer patient. Most of the cancer patient will have fever.

    • Night sweat

Night sweat maybe accompany with fatigue.

    • Bleeding

An abnormal bleeding such as vomit blood, blood in urine, blood in the stool.

The above is some of the common symptoms of Abdominal Cancer. Different types of Abdominal Cancer have different symptoms. Some of the patient has different level of the symptoms.


Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Treatment

Acupuncture is one of the better ways to manage the pain and cancer symptoms. Chinese Master is one of the popular Chinese physicians in Malaysia. Chinese Master using acupuncture and Chinese Herbal to treat his patient. His special herbal formula and acupuncture technique help a lot to release the pain and reduce the cancer symptoms.

Other than reduce the symptoms, acupuncture can also clear the cancer cells. Chinese Herbal is another way to treat the cancer. Abdominal Cancer patient who have acupuncture phobia can ONLY choose to take Chinese Herbal only. The special Chinese Herbal Formula that provide by Chinese Master can help to treat the Abdominal Cancer.

Treatments depends on the grade and types of cancer, the location cancer,the size of cancer,how long that cancer are happen and lastly the patients age and general health who have diagnosis.However, Chinese Master strongly recommended the cancer patient take both treatments.  Chinese Master explain, it is much more effective that just only taking one.


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